Our processes

Plenary sessions of the commission

The Members of the Commission convene in plenary sessions once or twice a month.

A major activity of these sessions is dedicated to examining files requesting advice on automated data processing of natural or legal entities governed by public (common) law, public authorities or organisations governed by private law entrusted with a mission of general interest or a concessionaire of public utility, mentioned on and established by Ministerial Order.

Since 1 October 2009, the Commission also examines authorisation requests for the implementation of special processing as stated in articles 11-1 and 20-1 of law number 1.165, namely:

  • Transfers of personal data to a country without an adequate level of protection;
  • Relating to suspected unlawful activities, offences, and security measures (protection);
  • Including biometric data required to check a person's identity;
  • For the purpose of surveillance.

The measures of the commission

Secretariat of the Commission

The Secretariat of the Commission, managed by the Secretariat General, assists the Commission within the exercise of its mission.

More specifically, the Secretariat has for mission to:

  • Accompany and assist data controllers in the processing of data, and the complainants in their interactions with the CCIN;
  • Inform and advise all interested parties about the protection of personal data;
  • Answer questions from the data controllers, as well as from private individuals;
  • Ensure that the register of processing records is kept up-to-date;
  • Ensure that the public register of processing records is readily at the disposal and can be accessed by all interested parties;
  • Prepare the work of the Commission.


The CCIN has its own budget which is listed in a specific chapter of the State budget.

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